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  • Discover your niche and specialty services that make you stand out from the rest

  • Develop more confidence within yourself to charge what you are worth

  • Learn the secrets to becoming a well known expert in your area

  • Learn how to partner with other businesses in your area to grow your business

  • Discover how to work towards success with a creative mindset instead of a competitive mindset

  • Learn how to help clients buy retail products and services without selling to them

  • Learn how to avoid big mistakes while making career decisions

  • Learn how to expand in demand

  • Training on specific treatments and protocols that you would like to master



  • Discover creative and innovative ways to market your services and business on a shoestring budget

  • Find out how to target and capture elite clientele and celebrity clientele

  • Create client retention and learn how to keep your appointment book full without the use of coupons and constant discounting deals

  • Capture the attention of perfect clients that you enjoy working with.

  • Learn how to negotiate and create independent contracts with potential employers

  • Learn how to create a successful resume and how to interview to get the job!



  • Discover your worth and value as a person as well as an Esthetician

  • Discover the perfect work environment for you based on your lifestyle, philosophies and skills

  • Develop techniques to keep your morale high in any work environment

  • Discover how to have a balanced and successful work life as well as family life

  • Use goal setting strategies that create success in work and life

  • Use mindset strategies to help you attract the life, career, and success you desire most

  • Learn how to strengthen your personal foundation

  • Discover, understand, and respect what motivates you

  • Learn how to trust your gut feelings and experiment continuously

  • Discover how to grow and evolve from unwanted outcomes that may occur

  • Learn how to find healthy sources of stimulation for your life

  • Discover how to let go of limiting beliefs blocking your success

  • Learn how to carve out your own reality and create the life you've always wanted


What a Lovely Testimony!

I am so much happier since implementing the changes you suggested. Mondays are now reserved for working on my business and this simple change has freed up so much time. The continual no shows and last minute cancellation clients are off my book and shoulders! It was very uncomfortable for me to eliminate them and in the process I had to have a talk with a client I'd serviced for years who was suddenly cancelling last minute on a regular basis. She has become a stellar client and is extremely respectful of her time with me and even begged me to keep her, lol. Yes, the slots have been filled with fantastic clients just as you said would happen. I've also started using the term reservation when referring to pre-booking an appt. Business is lively and healthy. My income has increased a minimum of $300 a week and I'm on track to a record breaking January of $10,000! That's for one room in an office building in a small town in Oklahoma and I'm solo. I also increased my prices and many clients are booking the $150 facial. Unbelievable!! Thank you so much! --Gayla Davis

What a Lovely Testimony!

I was a 10 year licensed Esthetician looking to re-enter the beauty industry; during my search to find a  beauty program that offered hands on training and coaching-I came across My Esthetician Coach with JoElle Lee. After having my initial discovery and coach call with JoElle, I knew then that her program was what I needed and didn’t hesitate to join. Since joining the coaching program in February, 2016 I’ve received detailed spa room hands on training, do’s and don’ts of the beauty industry but most importantly I discovered my true niche and mapped out a solid and lucrative plan to enter the  Beauty Industry again. I’m very grateful for the transparency JoElle provides in addition to the candid talks and guidance I receive each month -she is truly a gem. I can’t thank JoElle enough for assisting me with finding my true purpose/passion in my Esthetic-Beauty career. --Kimberly Harris

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